Lonesome Dove CoverI never met Larry McMurtry, but I was greatly saddened when I read that he died of heart failure yesterday, March 25, at the age of 84.

He was the author of 29 books and 30 screenplays. He won the Pulitzer Prize for LONESOME DOVE and shared an Academy Award for the screenplay adaptation of BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN.

Some of his other novels include THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, TERMS OF ENDEARMENT and HORSEMAN, PASS BY. All three were made into films, with HORSEMAN, PASS BY released as HUD. And LONESOME DOVE is one of the great television mini-series.

For me, McMurtry’s LONESOME DOVE, his remarkable epic Western tale of friendship, love and loss, will remain his finest work. The paperback copy I have is well worn, and I am so glad to have it. Thank you, Mr. McMurtry.

The Last Picture Show Cover
Horseman Pass By Cover
Thomas Clagett Post Image - Western BG

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