Blood West: A Gothic Western

Summer, 1885. Something inexplicable has come to the railroad town of Las Vegas in the Territory of New Mexico. Asked to investigate, the Pinkerton Detective Agency sends their best detective. Her name is Hattie Lawton. But no one can know her true identity or why she has been sent, because, as Hattie knows well, no one can keep a secret. She poses as a nurse, hired to tend the consumptive patients staying at the Montezuma, the newest and grandest hotel in the famous Harvey House chain. Finding information proves difficult for Hattie. Deputy Sheriff Antonio Valdes resents her attempts. Father John Lanigan fears her, but something else frightens the priest even more: a creature that some people swear can change its shape—a creature that is afraid of nothing.


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Blood West - First Place Winner of the Will Rogers Medallion Award - Western Maverick Category

2023 First place, Western Maverick category,
Will Rogers Medallion Award.

  • A Howling Good WesternA Howling Good WesternDoug Hocking, True West Magazine

    The setting of Thomas D. Clagett’s Blood West is the Wild West of railroad-enlivened Las Vegas, New Mexico…. Suddenly, “people who won’t be missed” are disappearing or are found with throats torn out and are completely drained of blood. An enormous, black wolf is suspected, and the wolf hunters gather. A Texas Ranger arrives hunting a murderer and a bounty, along with one of Pinkerton’s undercover lady “Pinks.” … The action moves to the nearby Montezuma Hotel, a spectacular, huge, Harvey House…. The action is quick-paced as suspicion settles on three “lungers,” a gambler, a deeply conflicted gentleman and a lady in a wheelchair.

  • I recommend this book 100%!I recommend this book 100%!Amazon Customer

    A fantastic story that’s historically accurate with a good amount of suspense, mystery, and horror. Blood West by Tom Clagett should be made into a feature film! It has everything you want in a good horror movie. I truly enjoyed this book! I recommend this book 100%!

    (Five out of five stars)

  • Great ReadGreat ReadCRC on Amazon

    This a great read. Whether you are a fan of stories about the late 1800's New Mexico or not, after reading this book you will be. As the story begins to build, you start to see all the characters come to life. I loved how the author used so much actual history in this book, at the same time making it very exciting. Couldn't wait to read the next chapter. I am looking forward to his next book. (Five out of five stars)

  • Good ReadGood ReadJo on Amazon

    Very well written and historically accurate with a punch of paranormal interest. Well worth it and I highly recommend this book. 

  • This is an action-filled, inventive blend of historical Western, detective, thriller and gothic elementsThis is an action-filled, inventive blend of historical Western, detective, thriller and gothic elementsDavid Morrell, Roundup Magazine

    Thomas D. Clagett’s Line of Glory: A Novel of the Alamo was a Spur Award finalist for best historical fiction. His West of Penance received a Will Rogers Medallion Award for best inspirational fiction and a New Mexico-Arizona Book Award for best historical fiction. In Blood West, real-life Pinkerton detective Hattie Lawton (one of the few female Pinkerton detectives at the time) is summoned to the fabulous and also real Montezuma Hotel in Las Vegas, New Mexico Territory. The year is 1885. The hotel (part of the famed Harvey House chain) has a telephone system and electric lights. These and other authentic details make the hotel almost palpably real as Hattie investigates a series of gruesome deaths there and in the neighboring town. This is an action-filled, inventive blend of historical Western, detective, thriller and gothic elements – especially intriguing to readers interested in different directions for the Western genre. 

  • Cowboys, Pinkerton’s, Town-folks….Just another meal for a hungry VampireCowboys, Pinkerton’s, Town-folks….Just another meal for a hungry VampireCFC on Amazon

    The author gives the reader a new twist on the well known vampire story in Blood West. Great characters, some good and some not so good pursue a killer in old Las Vegas, New Mexico 1885. A great read for western readers and/or vampire fans. After reading the book you may have the urge to visit Las Vegas, New Mexico, if only to grab a "quick bite".

    (Five out of five stars)

  • Suspenseful Read!Suspenseful Read!Preston Lewis via Amazon

    Like the sound of breaking glass in the night, Blood West delivers a fright that is not easily shaken. Author Thomas Clagett delivers a delightful mix of horror and history that serves fans of both gothic tales and western stories.

    Read Full Review

  • Clagett breathes new life into the Gothic genre with his Western setting…Clagett breathes new life into the Gothic genre with his Western setting…Bethany Latham

    This is a fast-paced read with sympathetic characters, enough tension to draw the reader along, and bursts of action which will ensure appeal for fans of traditional Westerns. The premise could make for an entirely ridiculous read. Instead, Clagett breathes new life into the Gothic genre with his Western setting, where individuals from a variety of ethnicities and backgrounds blend together in the rough and tumble of the New Mexico Territory. The result is an enjoyable couple of hours of Western Gothic escapism.

    Read Full Review

  • This book starts out with a bang.This book starts out with a bang.C.C. Harrison - New York Journal of Books

    Fair warning: Lock your doors and turn on ALL the lights before you sit down to read. This book starts out with a bang.

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Thomas D. Clagett is a Member of Western Writers of AmericaNew Mexico - Arizona Book Award Winner

Thomas D. Clagett is a Member of The Author's GuildNew Mexico - Arizona Book Award Winner


Thomas Clagett Post Image - Western BGTom has always had a love of the West, of film and of writing. Born and raised in San Diego, California, he attended the University of Southern California. He spent more than twenty years in Hollywood working as an assistant film editor, as well as freelance writing. Devoting himself to writing historical fiction full-time, he and his wife Marilyn moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they adopted their cat, Cody, whom they are home schooling with great success.

Thomas Clagett Post Image - Western BG

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