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Line of Glory – A Novel of the Alamo

The final 13 hours at the Alamo began around 5 o’clock the afternoon of March 5, 1836. Colonel William Barrett Travis drew a line in the dirt with his sword and asked all those who would stay and fight to cross it. Everyone there knew that General Santa Anna’s final attack on the fort was coming soon.

Hopes, fears and destinies played out that night for four people. 

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Thomas D. Clagett is a Member of Western Writers of AmericaNew Mexico - Arizona Book Award Winner

Thomas D. Clagett is a Member of The Author's GuildNew Mexico - Arizona Book Award Winner


Thomas Clagett Post Image - Western BGTom has always had a love of the West, of film and of writing. Born and raised in San Diego, California, he attended the University of Southern California. He spent more than twenty years in Hollywood working as an assistant film editor, as well as freelance writing. Devoting himself to writing historical fiction full-time, he and his wife Marilyn moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, where they adopted their cat, Cody, whom they are home schooling with great success.


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